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About Us

Hansel & Gretel is the perfect place to sit back for a great coffee and amazing atmosphere. We serve freshly made food daily and bring you our best coffee, which has been refined and perfected over 42 years.

Established in 1974, Manfred and Margitta Obermeder built Hansel & Gretel from the ground up. Having several stores around Canberra, they made a large impact to many people’s lives. Despite being so successful, the slowly sold away stores up Northside and eventually settled with a nice, intimate store in Phillip. Regardless, customers came from all corners so that they may enjoy Manfred’s and Margitta’s amazing coffee.

Since Hansel & Gretel’s inception coffee has been roasted and blended on premises via the SIROCCO roasting method. We cater to many different styles of coffee, from the traditional espresso style to more modern and unique styles, such as the aeropress. We even cater for Turkish coffee with specific beans and blends available for the style.

In 2013, Manfred and Margitta sold the shop to its current owners, Pene Lowe and Geoff Kimpton. The couple are very family orientated and bring that spirit into the store, raising it as if it were their own child. They continue Hansel and Gretel’s traditions such as the roasting and blending of its amazing coffee on premises, but have also put their own personal touches into the store such as introducing giftware to the vast range of amazing products sold.

We’re open six days a week, Monday to Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm and Saturday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Come in today and enjoy the Hansel & Gretel experience!

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